Get Whiter Teeth in 15 Mins With Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen

whiter teeth in 15 mins with idol white

In line with the maker, the Idol White System is distinctive teeth improving pen that works with an optimum mixture of 100 % natural ingredients to give a “nicer, brighter, celeb smile” in the comfort of your home.

We are informed that Idol White’s gel is usually used in just a few seconds with the integrated topical brush and it will get rid of approximately ten years of stains and yellowish color in the very first application.

All you need to do is:

  • prosClean all of your teeth normally
  • prosTwist the pen to distribute the gel

Use the gel to each of your teeth, and in less than fifteen minutes, you can have them white in color for about 3 months.

Will you become their future happy customer?

Is it possible to count on results?

Does Kim Kardashian truly recommend an Idol White Program?

To find out more, keep reading and we will uncover what we have figured out during the research.

What is Idol White – Teeth Whitening Pen?

Idol-White-Teeth Whitening Pen

Idol White is teeth improving pen which promises to whiten your discolored teeth. Their special teeth whitening product is renowned to fade the yellow spots, returning a new glowing grin on customer’s face.

Idol White Teeth Pen consists of effective bleaching agents that strike long chained substances of an unhealthy element that sticks on the surface of your teeth. In addition, it is effective for dentin part by covering it with white color.

This product helps ensure to provide shining teeth in just a couple of minutes after use. In lieu of being sloppy, Idol White is usually used at any time at home. On top of that, the each and every pen has thirty applications that will be more than enough to clean up the discolorations at the primary step.

Idol White claims:

  • Cleaning your teeth make them brighter
  • Qualified effects at home
  • Risk-free and simple for use

How Does It Work?

idol_white_teeth whitening pen

Idol White promises to give the normal whiteness of your teeth enameled surface. Typically, the gel whitening as well as its topical brush beats staining and clean up your teeth to its genuine state.

Just like other whiteners, Idol White additionally bleaches your teeth by making use of Hydrogen Peroxide with its effective bleaching agent. All these bleaching substances increase the effective whitening approach and remove the things that stick to teeth enamel in shape of stains. They permeate way deep to your teeth to restore its organic color.

Here is Kim Kardashian Thoughts on Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen

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For more information regarding exactly how it works, we need to check its healthy ingredients…

  • Glycerin: Glycerin is certainly become useful in distributing the teeth brightening agents deep into your tooth enamel.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: It is just a frequent substance used by lots of teeth bleaching solutions. It is because of its oxidizing qualities which work like a bleaching agent that is included in the teeth brightening mixture.
  • Carbomer: It truly is yet another bleaching agent which bleaches the teeth enamel and restores its bright white sparkly look.
  • Salt Content Hydroxide: Improves the bleaching practice by giving bright shade to your teeth.
  • EDTA: It can help to take out filthy toxic compounds which support discolorations. This cleanses your teeth and provides it a shiny effect.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil: To get a healthy breath, peppermint essential oil is most effective.
  • Salt Content Saccharin: This kind of sugar-free content is included just to increase the flavor when applied to your teeth.

How Can These Substances Work for Enamel Stains?

stained teeth prior to whitening

By making use of all these substances, most of the stains get melt from the surface as well as teeth enamel covers the dentin part with an organic white treatment. Most of these ingredients play an important role in making this amazing treatment effective.

The practice of bleaching starts when all these bleaching agents discharge breathable oxygen compounds into your teeth. Most of these compounds deal with the triggers of internal and external stains.

How To Use Idol White Pen?


This particular teeth brightening pen is primarily made for thirty days. Each of its packaging has a couple of pens, 3.5 milliliters each. A single pen can be used for 2 weeks with thirty applications.

Stick to these instructions to use this pen at tarnished teeth:

  1. Brush just before using the gel
  2. Shake the Idol White pen before using
  3. Push the tip to distribute teeth whitening gel
  4. Use Idol White gel to your teeth and tight the cap
  5. Let it stay to be dried at least thirty seconds.
  6. Wash the mouth area out right after twenty minutes.


  • Females shouldn’t get their teeth whitened when expectant or breastfeeding
  • This product is for grownups but not for the kids below eighteen
  • In no way recommended for those having renal stones, liver issues or infection
  • Certainly, not recommended if you are using blood-thinning drugs
  • Continuous use of the solution may affect the gum line


Pros & Cons


  • prosConvenient to Use: You will get professional teeth brightening results at your home without splurging on pricey dental practitioner appointments.
  • prosClear-Cut to Apply: It isn’t at all sloppy! It doesn’t matter how much severe the problem is, in just three steps you are done.
  • prosEffective and Safe: It’s a formula of 100 % natural ingredients that are medically accredited. On top of that, this product is highly recommended by health professionals because of its successful results.
  • prosA Free Trial Can Be Obtained: The company cares quite a lot about customer’s 100 % satisfaction, and for this, they feature free trial offer package for new buyers. If you think it really worth, you should buy more.
  • prosThis Product Is at A Cost-Effective Price: Generally, people are worried about the price tag on the product, but in this case, there is no need to be concerned. It truly is affordable and best.


  • Bleaching Agents: Just like mostly available teeth brightening solutions, it also has whitening agents that may induce tooth tenderness on prolonging
  • Periodontal Disease: The constituents used in it could induce agitation in gum line. In this case, you need to talk to your doctor.
  • Takes Some Time to Dry Up: You need to let it stay to dry up for a few seconds while holding your mouth open.

Is Idol White Pen Useful?


Of course, the company states it to be completely successful in getting rid of teeth discoloration. However, you have to stick to the healthy regimen and steer clear of all those practices that made you suffer the pain of stains. But if your regimen is not hygienic, you may get it back soon. That is why you should check the reasons first.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration:

  • Unnecessary consumption of caffeinated drinks and wine beverages can make your teeth enamel discolored and pale.
  • Usage of cigarettes makes obstinate stains on teeth’s surface
  • With growing age, external teeth enamel gets leaner, and dentin starts getting apparent.
  • Any kind of physical damage to the teeth can potentially transform tooth color.
  • With particular prescription drugs, treatment options like the chemotherapy, the tooth can have brown or reddish

My own Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen Analysis

If you’re among those who hardly ever visit a dental office, you don’t need to be anxious! You possibly can cure your teeth. It is possible to get rid of all your teeth staining in your own home with a couple of best brightening solutions. One of these is Idol White. Idol White comes in shape of a pen that does not need time to use. Having said that, this whitening gel polishes the outer surface of your teeth and sink deeply into it properly to bleach them internally.

Apply it 2 times every day so you can get bright sparkly teeth. It is a useful approach to get a professional cure of teeth whitening at home which makes it favorite too.

When will you expect final results?

idol white mechanism of action

Just after studying all the critiques, I found that it works within 7 days. Although a few were good and unfavorable feedback too. In accordance with them, results of Idol White whitening gel tend to be found to last for as much as 6 months or in most cases could be less than that.

I would say this totally varies according to your way of life. In case you quit smoking and limit usage of caffeinated drinks, alcoholic beverages and so forth you can find a long-lasting whitening effect.

Idol White: Price point

If we talk about “Value of bucks,” in the matter of Idol White it’s worthwhile to get the product. It can be purchased at a price you can afford which you will not say NO to it ever. You can also test its cost-free trial package that costs next to nothing.

It’s truly worth to get it for $10.30

The best thing is its three-month supply; they offer next three months’ supply free of charge.

Visit Idol White Official Website And Get Your Package Delivered To Your Door Step


Thus, after a number of studies I recently found, Idol White provides you with instantaneous whiteness. Improve both enameled surface and dentin in getting rid of the discolored covering from the tooth and you’ll see vibrant improvements right after using it.

It’s neither a pricey product nor a sloppy one. Makers state it harmless and useful, and we can easily have confidence in this product. It’s Food and Drug Administration authorized solution and scientifically given the green light by dental practitioners.

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