10 Natural Remedies For Saggy Skin Under Eyes

Indeed, there are many causes for the presence of saggy skin under your eyes and for the older look, you have recently even if you are in the mid-thirties.

One of the causes is your aging natural process that usually comes in many forms that range from having face lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and creepy skin all over your body!

Moreover, some bad habits and medical conditions could be one of the causes of saggy skin under eyes, such causes could be as follows:

Smoking, wearing your favorite makeup 24/7, rapid weight loss, or having medical conditions such as diabetes, stroke, brain tumor, accumulation of free-radicals in your body and many other.

Tightening your saggy skin found under eyes is no longer difficult to be achieved due to the presence of many either surgical procedures or non-surgical procedures.

Here we will provide you with a full list of natural remedies for those who suffer from saggy skin found under your eyes.

Scroll to see healthy tips that will prevent the appearance of saggy skin under eyes… so keep scrolling.

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Ten natural remedies to rid yourself of saggy skin 


  1. Chamomile

Chamomile saggy skin

The most powerful antioxidant that can perfectly reduce the aging signs, in addition to its antibacterial property.

It has been found chamomile can helps to treat saggy skin found under eyes and reducing swelling and redness.

The usage of chamomile tea bags is very easy and will suit your busy schedule!

As you will just need to place chamomile bags in the fridge for around an hour and then place tea bags over your eyes for a period of 30 minutes only, you will need to repeat the process for few weeks; you will notice perfect results within a short period.

Chamomile could be also found in form of oil that could be mixed with other natural oils such as lavender oil and lemon oil;

This mixture could be placed carefully under eyes providing a triple effect, which is anti-inflammatory, soothing effect, and even tone skin.

  1. The golden combination

Cucumber and avocado to treat saggy skin and wrinkles

Cucumber and avocado considered as a golden combination that can effectively deal with your saggy skin;

This is due to the unique properties of each element. If we look for cucumber properties, we can find that it has effective tightening property, effective exfoliating property, and its ability to refresh the skin;

On the other hand, avocado can provide important vitamins and minerals that is can provide your skin with a youthful look.

The combination could be easily prepared by mixing cucumber with avocado, one egg, and an only two-tablespoon of powdered milk.

The prepared paste must be refrigerated for an hour and then place it under your eyes or on your whole face and leave it for 45 minutes and then rinse it with sterile water.

You can use cucumber or avocado only, through placing slices of cucumber or avocado under your eyes and leave them for 30 minutes.

For better results, you should use them every day for few weeks and you will notice gradual results.

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  1. Egg white

Egg-Whites to treat saggy skin

The egg white considered as the best astringent due to the presence of hydro-lipids that can work perfectly providing tightening for the skin especially the saggy skin found under the eye.

Moreover, it has been found that egg whites contain vitamin B6; that has a perfect role in keeping the skin in its health state and Albumin that has a perfect role too in keeping a balanced rate for cell turnover and regeneration.

The preparation of egg whites mask is easy; you can whisk two egg whites, and then place the mixture on the saggy area then leave it for 30 minutes and then, rinse your face with water.

  1. Olive Oil


Vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids found in olive oil can reverse the damage caused by any of previously mentioned causes.

Moreover, many other benefits your body can get on using olive oil other than tightening such as improving the skin texture and tone.

The usage of olive oil is easy; you will just need take drops of olive oil and rub your hands in order to generate some heat, then you can apply the olive oil on your saggy area and gently massage for 15 minutes in order to stimulate the blood flow and cell repair.

For satisfactory results, you should repeat using olive oil three times a week at least.

  1. Aloe Vera

aloe-vera-to prevent wrinkles under eyes

Aloe Vera is the best for any kind of skin problems; either you want to treat your skin blisters, acne, stretch marks, or firming your saggy skin.

The secret behind its effectiveness is the presence of antioxidants including, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and E that can help treating most of the skin problems, keeping your skin tight and hydrated.

The usage of Aloe Vera is very easy; you are free to use it alone through applying the Aloe Vera gel on the saggy skin for only 5 minutes.

You can use it in combination with either honey or with another mixture containing oatmeal, yoghurt, and slices of cucumber then rinse it with cool water after 20 minutes.

The results of using Aloe Vera are almost noticeable and immediate!

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil for eye wrinkles and saggy skin

Coconut oils are not only used for hair but also for the skin as it considered as antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory compound that can work effectively through;

The elimination of free radicals that can damage the skin, and through providing the skin way to hydrate naturally, therefore, the skin become firm, moisturized.

You can use a thin layer of coconut oil over the saggy area then massage it gently with your fingers in a circular motion in order to stimulate blood flow and circulation.

You can leave it overnight and rinse it with warm water on morning; better results are obtained when you continue using coconut oil on a regular basis.

  1. Rosewater

Rosewater pure benenfits for saggy skin under eyes

It is not only the smell of rose water that can make you feel happy and good but also its astringent property that effectively can deal with saggy skin found under eye giving you the most youthful look.

Moreover, it has found that rose water has an antioxidant property that increases your skin strength & cell regeneration.

In addition to the antibacterial property that helps in wound healing.

Rose water can be used alone through taking an amount of rose water and apply it evenly on your face till your neck, then leave it overnight and then rinse it with water at morning.

It can be also used in combination with a small amount of lemon juice and witch hazel; the mixture can be applied on the face for 20 minutes and then you can rinse your face with cool water, giving you an amazing radiant glow.

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  1. Blueberry

blueberry-for skin to avoid wrinkles

I know how much your tongue is waiting for blueberry to say YUMMY! However, do you know how much your saggy skin is waiting too!

Yes, blueberry is loaded with antioxidants that work against free radicals found in your skin, in addition to its effective role in firming the saggy skin found under eyes.

Moreover, it can provide relief from wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, age spots, imperfections and other signs of premature aging.

Blueberry is usually used in combination with honey for providing better results, the preparation of the mixture is easy; you will just need to blend some blueberries and then apply one tablespoon of honey,.

Then apply the prepared paste on your saggy skin, then leave it for an hour and then rinse it with water.


  1. Cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves for saggy skin

Surprisingly, cabbage leaves are commonly used in France cosmetics products due to its richness with vitamins and microelements like vitamins A, C and E, potassium, sulfur, and many other effective ingredients that can perfectly nourish and firm your saggy skin.

The effectiveness of cabbage leaves for skin tightening problem increase if used in combination with honey, yogurt, olive oil, or rice flour as follows:

First, you should grind cabbage leaves then mix when honey, olive oil, and yogurt, then apply on your face, leave the paste over your face for 30 minutes or until your face absorb it, and then rinse with water.

The previously mentioned mixture can help in tightening, whitening, and moisturizing your face. Better results are achieved when you use the paste for at least 2 months on a weekly basis.

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  1. Coffee

coffee on skin to reduce wrinkles

The ingredient that I am quite sure you have in your home, which is coffee; and as you feel fresh after your cup of coffee, you take in the morning, your skin needs to feel fresh too! How? Why?

Do you know that coffee contains antioxidants that can free your skin from the free radicals?

Do you know that coffee is considered as an excellent exfoliator?

Do you know that coffee can firm your saggy skin perfectly?

That is why I am saying your skin need coffee too! Coffee could be used in combination with brown sugar, coconut oil, and cinnamon; mix them and apply the mixture on your saggy area in form of liquid then massage the affected area gently for 5 minutes, and then rinse with pure water.

You will just need to use this mixture once a week.

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Moreover, because “Prevention is better than cure”; you should follow the following tips…keep scrolling.


Five Tips for preventing saggy skin under your eyes

  1. You are what you eat!

Indeed, what you are eating is what reflected on your body shape and your skin look!

In order to prevent having saggy skin under your eyes, you should have plenty of fruits and vegetables as they can provide you with the vital vitamins and essential minerals as well as they are of low calories!

Therefore, you will not gain or lose weight suddenly as a result; your skin will stay hydrated, firm, and healthy.


  1. Stay always hydrated and moisturized

Water is the main constituent of the body, you should drink at least eight glasses of water each day in order to keep the water balance in your skin.

Therefore, you will enjoy an excellent collagen stimulation giving your skin elasticity, enjoy having a firm and youthful look and enjoy having a body that is free of any toxic substances.

If you are someone who usually forgets to hydrate on a regular basis, you can go now to play store and download an application that reminds you of your glass of water time….STAY HYDRATED!

You should also keep using cosmetic products that can keep your skin moisturized; because using moisturizers on a regular basis will prevent skin sagginess and will always give you the youthful look.

  1. Stay away from smoking, please!

We all know how much smoking can destruct our life and how much it can tear our lives apart!

Smoking affects your whole body starting from your respiratory and circulatory system to your skin too!

Yes, your skin could be affected as smoking can break down collagen found beneath your skin, therefore, it deprives your body of elasticity and flexibility, therefore, your skin can go saggy easily!

Giving you an older look. If it is not for your skin or health, it is for your loved ones who love seeing you in good health.

  1. Exercise and massage

Exercising will help increase the flow of blood throughout your face and stimulate your body’s collagen giving you skin the firm shape.

Therefore, you should do facial exercise, massage, or go for yoga classes once a week in order to keep your skin tight and youthful.

  1. Apply sunscreen wherever you go

Yes, you should wear your sunscreen with SPF that suits your skin type and condition; in order to avoid the sun’s harmful radiation that usually accelerates your aging process.

Therefore, your skin becomes saggy and less youthful.

Last but not the least, all the previously mentioned remedies and tips, will not give you an immediate result. However, gradual and noticeable results will appear after at least two weeks so, my recommendation for you is to stay patient and go natural.

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