10 Easy Exercises To Get Rid of Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss!

saggy breast exercise

Indeed, no one can deny the huge number of advantages that the women can gain by deciding to take steps towards reducing her weight to the optimum weight.

This will not make you just look good but will dramatically decrease chronic diseases such as heart diseases, breathing problems, movement obstacles, muscle & joint pain.

In addition to the perfect body shape that enables you to try different styles and provide you high confidence levels while wearing your favorite bikini swimming suit during the summer time.

One of the major downsides with weight loss is breast sagginess.

It is highly noticed with a fast drop in weight loss. Thus, we provide a clear-cut guide on how to actually get rid of saggy breasts and start enjoying your beautiful breasts again.

Firm up saggy breasts after weight loss

We will provide women who already suffer from saggy breasts or those who are afraid of weight loss;

The best options for avoiding or getting rid of this problem.

Therefore, You will just have to continue your diet plan and follow the below guide that contains steps towards having a perfect body shape with firm breasts…keep scrolling…keep reading.

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Why do breasts sag after weight loss?

Simply, the breast consists of certain type tissue, which is fatty tissue in addition to mammary glands and ducts that are important in the breastfeeding process.

The fatty tissues are what can give our breasts certain shape, they are determined by genetics and many other factors such as weight gain and weight loss.

Therefore, when we gain weight the fatty tissues within the breast expand and force the skin stretch.

Hence, the breast size increase.

In contrast to weight loss, when we lose weight the fatty tissues starts to shrink.

The fatty tissues reduction caused by the weight loss will immediately affect your breast’s skin adversely;

It will force the skin to shrink! By other means, you will have less fat tissues and more skin,

Thus, your breast immediately sag after the weight loss.

Rapid weight loss will also worsen the situation!

Based on studies, it has been found that the rapid weight loss has an adverse effect on the collagen and proteins found in the breast skin.

It is recommended to gradually decrease your weight and to seek a dietitian advise.

How can I deal with the saggy breast problem?

Well, this question could have one solution with two different strategies due to two different cases as follow:

The first case, you already losing weight and you already now suffer from saggy breasts!

The second case, you did not start your weight loss plan yet but you are afraid of having saggy breasts, therefore, we will recommend using diet strategy that

  • Focus on having good health status not having skinny body
  • Maintain considerable amount of lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables
  • Provide your body good amount of calories that are can keep your metabolism rate at good levels
  • therefore; force a stress on your collagen levels and cause saggy breasts.

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Here is a Video Guide – 4 Home Remedies PROVEN to be effective in Getting Rid of Saggy Breasts

Both cases have to follow the following home remedies in order to get rid of saggy breasts or even prevent having saggy breasts after weight loss.

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Exercising is your best option…

Exercising can change everything in your life….starting from the way you breathe, balanced blood pressure, preserve your physical appearance.

As it will help to lose a lot of weight as well as help you achieve breast lifting without the need of any other invasive surgeries that are now available in the cosmetic platforms.

How do the regular exercises help get rid of saggy breasts?

Simply, it is because the ability of certain exercises to stimulate the formation of chest muscles and reduce a good amount of fats at the same time, as a result, breast lifting and firming features are achieved.

What is the type of exercises that can help in breast lift goal? 

Based on people’s experience, it has been found that the following exercises are the best for breast lifting and firming goal after or during weight loss as follow:

Chest squeeze exercise

The chest squeeze exercise is a good exercise to start with due to its easiness in comparison to other exercises. You will only need to:

  • Sit on chair with your back straight so that your posture is adjusted correctly
  • Bring medicine ball and hold it in your hand’s palm at to your chest level
  • Then, squeeze the ball so that, you can feel the pressure exerted on the ball
  • Slowly bring your hands towards your breast while maintaining good pressure
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times (1 set) however; it is recommended repeat it twice for rapid results.

Repeat the exercise 10 times (1 set) however; it is recommended repeat it twice for rapid results

Push up exercise

The most popular exercise or in our case we can call this exercise “Double-edged weapon” as it will help you decrease your weight, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and tighten your breasts. The exercise is easy to be performed as follow:

  • Lie on your stomach on the ground or flop your belly down on the ground
  • Adjust your arms in the position where your hand’s palm face the ground
  • Push yourself right back through your arm’s pressure, then slowly bend your elbows so that you reach the ground again

It is recommended to repeat the exercise from 20-25 times per day however, you may find difficulty because the exercise is not easy to be performed at first therefore, we usually advise to just repeat the exercise from 5-10 times per day at first and then increase the number gradually.

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Chest press exercise

The exercise usually requires helps in maintaining good posture for the body and excellent results for breast firmness goal.

The requirements of the exercise are:

  • Small dumbbells or you can replace it with two small bottles of water if dumbbells are not available
  • You can use matt on the ground or you can use stability ball; both of them are good for performing the exercise

Start the exercise as follow:

  • Lie face up to the bench with your back on the ground
  • Pick up one dumbbell or bottle in each hand and handheld straight
  • Bend your elbows and then start to stretch your arms over your chest
  • Return back slowly to your original position and repeat the exercise from 10 to 15 times per day

Chest Fly exercise

Another exercise that requires the use of dumbbells, it helps to provide strength to the breast muscles, therefore, firming the saggy breasts.

  • You will just need to, lie on your back and bent your knees
  • Pick up the dumbbells each one on your hand and then bent your elbows
  • Bent your elbows until both of them are on the same line along with your chest
  • Adjust your posture, keep the same bend, and then lift the dumbbells up, and then return to the original position.

Repeat the exercise 15 times per day to achieve the desired results.

Reverse fly exercise

This exercise provides results that are similar to chest fly exercise however, it is performed differently as follows:

  • You will just have to stand up and gently bend your upper body forward
  • Pick up dumbbells, one in each hand, keep them in front of you, and then adjust your posture again
  • Start to move your elbows up until they are in your shoulder’s level and then return to the original position gradually

Repeat the exercise 10 times per day for achieving better results.

T-plank exercise

The perfect exercise to get rid of your belly as well as your saggy breasts due to its ability to tighten your arms, chest, back, and legs.

The exercise is too easy to be performed as follow;

  • Adjust your body as if you will do pushup exercise and hold your body in this position
  • Keep your legs in a position that is wider than hip-width then lift your right arm and your whole body
  • Once you notice your body form a T-shaped, you have to hold on this position for 15 seconds and then return to the original position, however, you may decrease the holding period to 10 seconds if you find it difficult

Repeat the previous steps for 10 times per day

Wall pressure exercise

One of the effective, simplest, and easiest exercises you can perform in your home that can provide you perfect tightening for your breasts after losing weight as follow:

  • You will have to stand up and face the wall
  • Stretch your arms and adjust your hand’s palm on the wall
  • Now you can apply pressure to the wall with your chest and arms
  • Keep in this position for 10 seconds then relax and take a deep breath and then, repeat the exercise ten times per day

Triceps dips exercise

Another excellent exercise that can help you find a solution for your saggy breasts as well as for your back bending posture that had been associated with your weight gain period.

The exercise could be performed as follow:

  • Bring a chair, place your hand’s palm on the chair so that, your hands are behind your back
  • Adjust your fingers place so that, your fingers are facing the floor “as shown in the picture”
  • Now you should bend your knees, bend your elbows, and then lower your body in 90-degree angle
  • Then, you should lift your back up until your arms are straight, and then repeat the exercise 10 times per day


No one is able to count the benefits of yoga on the body and soul.

Based on studies, it has been found that yoga can help get rid of saggy breasts especially those yoga types that focus on upper arms, shoulders, pectorals, or upper body are the best for adding firmness to breasts.

Some yoga positions are the best such as Triangle Pose, the Cobra Pose, and the Standing Forward Bend.

Because they are working through toning action and able to strengthen your breast tissues as a result firm your breast perfectly

Inchworm exercise

Indeed, inchworm exercise is a perfect workout to improve your breast shape after weight loss, however; it is a bit hard in comparison to other exercises. You can perform this exercise through the following steps:

  • First, you should take a deep breath and before exhaling start to bend your body
  • Adjust your body while bending so that, your hand’s palm is placed on the ground in front of you
  • Gradually start to move your hands straight forward while maintaining your body on a very firm posture
  • Move on slowly until you are almost in a plank space them, stretch your back and then your chest, then walk your feet up within moving your hands, and then bring them close to each other and hold on for seconds.

Repeat the exercise 10 times per day for almost 5 weeks in order to notice a difference.

Check, the following pieces of advice too…it will certainly help…keep scrolling

We recommend the following points that can help along with exercising as follow:

  • Wear a good fitting bra that can provide you good support.
  • Drink plenty of water that is able to renew your breast tissues,
  • Do breast massage regularly in order to stimulate the blood flow,
  • Avoid all reasons that can increase the breast sagginess such as smoking that is supposed to be forbidden under any circumstances and alcohol that pose a serious adverse effect on your health.

And I would like to recommend using the best breast enhancement set which is breast actives product that can magically help you enhance your breast and get rid of saggy breasts through its perfect cream that can provide you breast firmness, it pills that can return your healthy breast tissues, and the best workout plan that can also help you achieve your goal.

Bottom line, it is important to know that it is not all about losing weight in a short period it is not a competition! You will just need to lose weight however, in a healthy way that may require time but provide you long-lasting healthy effect…Cheers!

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